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The One Key Difference Between Being Kinky And Having A Fetish

I interrupted, “What’s kinky?” He didn’t flinch, laugh, or make fun of me, but simply explained: “Kinky is when you’re having sex with your boyfriend, and you decide to try something fun like rubbing whipped cream all over each other and then licking it off.”

Let’s get kinky… 10 sex docos you can stream right now

This sweaty, sexy documentary strips off the bikini top and exposes the most titillating facts about those who live in the “city of sex”. Before you ask, this is something I only do for fun. That said, there are many men who enjoy shedding their …

Bottoms Up: Kinky Safer Sex As A Single Sub

I’m learning that there’s actually a lot more negotiation involved, and it’s a lot more fun this way. Unfortunately, the way I learned this wasn’t gentle. I got my first STI shortly after I ended my first kinky relationship. I was a newly single …

Having Fun With Someone Special

Everyone loves to meet someone that has a sweet personality, someone cheerful and upbeat, and always happy. Combine that into a great …